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What is the Phi Chain?

Phi chain is a point-to-point distributed network currency system. Based on the protocol of blockchain 3.0, it constructs a decentralized trust mechanism with golden section. Phi coin comes from Phi chain users. Strict cryptography protocol makes this network system fully guarantee the financial security of each user. Compared with bitcoin's cryptocurrency system, Phi chain has faster transaction confirmation time, higher network transaction capacity and efficiency. In the latest research report of Forbes and MIT on blockchain, PHIC has become one of the most advanced blockchain main chains.


The vertical application of PHIC in blockchain 3.0 is unique, which endows the currency trust mechanism and node autonomy to extend, for example:

  • PHIC will extend the concept of credit payment and credit lending based on the function of currency payment in blockchain 2.0, with each account.
  • For example, if bitcoin, the representative of blockchain 1.0, is a gold coin, then Ethereum, the representative of blockchain 2.0, is equivalent to a visa card
  • The PHIC of blockchain 3.0 will bring you a new and wonderful understanding. It is a credit card with unlimited amount.


View the app golden section to get information about PHIC, as well as a list of all websites supporting PHIC and the trading market.
Check the PHIC block browser to get the latest online transaction data.
visit Labs project to obtain the source code and related projects of PHIC.

Open source project

PHIC currency system is a free software project complying with MIT / X11 license agreement, which allows you to run, modify and copy the software according to your own needs.
You can also distribute modified versions of the software if you like. The software is released in the form of fully open source, and users can independently verify the binary version and corresponding source code.

Data block chain

Compared with its competitor bitcoin, the PHIC data block chain is able to handle more transactions. Because the data block output is more frequent, the network can support more transactions, and there is no need to modify the software in the future.
As a result, merchants can get faster confirmation and still wait for more confirmation when selling large amount of goods.

Wallet encryption

Wallet encryption can ensure the security of the private key in your wallet, so that you can view the transaction and account balance, but you must enter the password before you use Phi coin.
This function not only can prevent virus and Trojan from intruding, but also is an effective check of legality before payment.

Mining reward

Now with Phi chain, everyone can get a permanent miner (m.0 origin).
Phi chain currently produces 25 Phi coins per data block. Every 12 weeks, the amount of PHIC money produced will be halved (every 8 © 00 blocks).
Therefore, the total amount of money produced by phi chain network will be four times that of bitcoin, namely 84 million Phi coins.


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